Financial Planning Services

Stewart & Associates works with a small number of clients on an in-depth basis. Our core group of approximately 60 households receives a high level of attention and service from our advisors. We offer comprehensive financial advice, which includes investment portfolio recommendations. We help clients tailor their savings and withdrawals strategies and advise on a variety of other financial topics, usually in cooperation with the client’s other tax and estate planning advisors.

We are independent, fee-only and act as fiduciaries to our clients. Although most of our clients hold their investment assets with Vanguard, it is not a requirement to do so. Clients can hold their accounts with any custodian/brokerage they choose.

Clients of Stewart & Associates are self-directed investors who maintain control of their individual accounts. We do not take custody of client funds, nor do we trade in client accounts. Rather than sweeping fees from client investment accounts, our clients pay us directly via check, which adds transparency to our fees and billing.

Our fees are based on the size of the investment holdings that we give advice on. Generally, a minimum of $500,000 of assets is required to qualify for ongoing services.